Frustrated with politics, longtime producer is departing “Left, Right and Center”

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Sarah Spitz, producer of Left, Right and Center at KCRW in Santa Monica, Calif., is leaving the show after 15 years. “This was a decision I came to on my own, no one is shoving me out the door,” she writes in a post on her blog. “But between us, I’ll tell you in all sincerity, I hate the way politics is played now. I want our elected officials to do the business the people sent them to Washington, to city councils, to state legislatures, to do. That’s not the way they play and I no longer want to be part of the process that perpetuates a broken system. That goes for left, right AND center.”

Spitz with remain with the station. The new LRC producer is Jeffrey Rogers, former executive producer of NPR’s formerĀ Day to Day midday news show.

One thought on “Frustrated with politics, longtime producer is departing “Left, Right and Center”

  1. Good. For. Her.

    I used to enjoy the show. But it’s gotten painfully predictable and politics has too. Now I can’t listen to the show. All conventional wisdom, all predictable, no solutions, no meaningful discussion.

    The solution is what Sarah has done — drop out and seek another way.

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