WQLN sues Erie County gaming agency to be eligible for funds

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WQLN Public Media in Erie, Pa., filed suit Wednesday (Dec. 22) against the Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority in an effort to receive proceeds from the Presque Isle Downs and Casino. The nonprofit is seeking to be named a “dedicated regional asset,” which is required to be eligible for the funds. The suit claims that WQLN meets the criteria established by the authority, which includes county assets “that have a strong history of service to the community, a large operating budget and a regional audience base.”

2 thoughts on “WQLN sues Erie County gaming agency to be eligible for funds

  1. WQLN suing anyone is interesting. The station constant claims that it is in a financial crisis due to the ending of state funding and declines in Federal funds, membership revenues, and underwriting.

    So, I have to wonder where the money is coming from for, what will be, a very expensive lawsuit.

    WQLN is not a “regional asset”. It does not participate in the community unless it gets money from someone. It has the weakest schedule in the country and a staff that is incompetent at best.

    So, let’s hope WQLN loses its suit and sells the station to a group od competent magaers and broadcasters or it cam go away and the good stations in Buffalo and Cleveland can provide service to Erie. That is, if it wants public television.

  2. In the roaring nineties it was WQLN that was the mouthpiece for the libertarian philosophy of Milton Friedman, “Free to Choose” and embraced the Laissez Faire capitalism which denigrated any social enterprises sponsored by government. I therefore call upon the WQLN board who presumable still embrace this philosophy to stay true to their beliefs. Surely if you cannot find support in the private sector for your station and you stay true to your libertarian beliefs you must say that this is a testimony that your mission is superfluous. Give up your license to some entity that actually believes that you have a public purpose and deserve public support.

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