Interference could interfere with FCC aim to boost VHF signals

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The Federal Communication Commission’s plan to create space for more wireless devices on the spectrum includes tactics to improve the quality of TV signals in the VHF band weakened in the digital transition. One way to do that would be to increase the effective radiated power (ERP) of VHF stations in the FCC’s heavily populated Zone 1 (the Northeast and Upper Midwest). But that could complicate life for stations including WNET/Thirteen in New York City, according to TVNewsCheck.

Broadcast consulting engineer Charles Cooper said the power boost would create problems with interference, particularly in the Northeast. Cooper said the high-V stations in New York City (WABC, WNET and WPIX) are now operating with ERPs of 12 kW or less. Under the FCC proposal, they could boost power to 50 kW. “The stations would have to seek interference agreements with other stations,” Cooper said, “and most likely, these agreements could involve daisy chains involving multiple stations and perhaps those other stations having an issue with even other stations.”

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