Vegas PBS reveals specific per-viewer program costs for its new pledge approach

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Las Vegas PBS/Channel 10 is handling pledge in a very different way this season. “We are the only station in the U.S. trying this,” General Manager Tom Axtell, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. From Nov. 26 through Dec. 12, no more 10-minute begging breaks; now they’re three-minute segments. Fundraising is “mostly host-free and lower-key,” the newspaper noted, with “Do Your Part” graphics popping up during shows, flashing the per-viewer contribution required to keep it on the air if every viewer contributes. Those figures are the station’s costs for acquiring and broadcasting the program, divided by number of viewers based on Nielsen stats. “Quite a few of my colleagues are fascinated by this approach,” Axtell noted. Click here for the station video explaining “Do Your Part” to viewers.

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