Drool on camera first, retire later

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Jim Lehrer, the well-anchored anchor of PBS NewsHour, told the Dallas Morning News that he’ll have to “start drooling on the air” before he’ll retire. Being a journalist, he added, is “a state of mind – some of the youngest people I know in journalism are 76 years old, and some of the oldest are 23. It’s little-boy-and-little-girl work. You hear the fire engine, and you want to know where it’s going. I still want to know.” And, yes, another of his many books is coming out next year, this one called Tension City. It’s about Lehrer’s experiences moderating presidential debates. The title comes from an interview Lehrer did with President George H.W. Bush, in which he said, “Oh, Jim, those debates. They’re tension city.”

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