“Think twice” before attending Oct. 30 rallies, Schiller tells NPR staffers

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In a memo to NPR employees today (Oct. 13) posted on the Poynter Online Romenesko journalism blog, President Vivian Schiller cautioned staffers against participation in the dueling rallies on the National Mall planned for Oct. 30 by Comedy Central’s faux-news pundits, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. ” … [N]o matter where you work at NPR you should be very mindful that you represent the organization and its news coverage in the eyes of your friends, neighbors and others,” she said in the memo, which was attached to a copy of NPR’s News Ethics guidelines. “So please think twice about the message you may be sending about our objectivity before you attend a rally or post a bumper sticker or yard sign.”

UPDATE: The memo has generated several hundred comments on HuffPost.

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