Racy postcards in Mr. Hooper’s store? Who knew?

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Writer David Fagin doesn’t quite understand the furor over pop star Katy Perry’s bustier on Sesame Street. He worked for the show several years back and reveals in a column on the AOL News opinion page that life behind the scenes is not quite as innocent as viewers might expect. Like when “certain members of the crew used to place postcards containing images of scantily clad women on the rack inside Mr. Hooper’s grocery store.” Or when the prop department snuck boxes of condoms next to the cereal in the store. And then there were the holiday parties: “Elmo and his pals would perform R-rated skits that would leave the audience in stitches. One of my favorites was the time Ernie and Bert finally came out of the closet. Good times.” Shocked? Too bad Fagin won’t talk about the really great stuff. “I can’t dish the best dirt that went on behind the scenes,” he wrote, “for fear of going straight to Muppet hell.”

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