LA Times TV critic ponders KCET’s fundraising future without PBS shows

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“KCET is dead; long live KCET,” writes Los Angeles Times TV Critic Robert Lloyd in today’s (Oct. 13) column. He’s adopting a wait-and-see attitude toward the station’s departure from PBS as of Jan. 1, 2011. “If, as the station has claimed, the economic downturn had made it difficult for KCET to raise the money PBS demanded from it, will it be any easier, without the lure of an Antiques Roadshow or American Masters, to raise the money to realize this unrevealed new vision?” Lloyd writes. “One can easily imagine, if you’ll pardon the mixed metaphor, a vicious circle of diminishing returns, in which cheaper programming leads to fewer pledges, which in turn leads to even cheaper programming, which leads to fewer pledges.”

Meanwhile, viewers continue to comment on KCET President Al Jerome’s Ask Al blog on the station website. One: “What a sad day. My four year old daughter is in tears because her beloved PBS shows will no longer be aired on KCET. I think this is a big mistake.”

One thought on “LA Times TV critic ponders KCET’s fundraising future without PBS shows

  1. The comments on “Ask Al” blog over at KCET are fascinating. And I recognize a lot of those voices. Not specific people, but that class of people that think the station is their personal programming playground because they bought the “Celtic Thunder” DVD last year. Please.

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