CPB’s Harrison expects pubmedia news coverage to “gore people’s oxen”

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In an interview with the St. Louis Beacon, the nonprof news site partnering with St. Louis’s KETC, CPB President Pat Harrison makes a strongly worded case for the corporation’s involvement in funding news coverage. “My job is to invest in high quality journalism and let the chips fall where they may,” Harrison said. “I don’t even have to like it; I just have to make sure it gets funded. And I am dedicated to that. We are going to gore people’s oxen. On any given day, I may have somebody from one side of the aisle complaining that we are very, very left, and another call that says we are too right. As long as those calls keep coming, that means we’re doing a deep dive on all these issues and putting all that information out there, and people can bring their brains to the table and figure it all out.”

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