Hair, glorious Muppet hair!

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“I just watched a Sesame Street video that left me in tears. Tears of joy, that is,” writes Huffington Post blogger Michele Langevine Leiby. What thrilled her so is an adorable little musical number featuring a African American girl singing, “I love my hair, I really love my hair!” “How many adult African American women will shed a tear of joy, as I did,” Leiby says, “remembering a very different world where Saturday mornings were spent fidgeting on a kitchen chair in mortal dread of the pressing comb and black hair, rather than a crowning glory, was a burden to be fried, dyed and laid to the side post-haste. Hats off to Sesame Street for making the world of little black girls just a little bit more positive.” As one commenter noted, “I never met a¬†Muppet I didn’t like.”

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