Still no decisions for New Jersey Network

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New Jersey Network staffers, state officials, professors from Princeton and Rutgers, civic and union leaders and viewers and listeners spoke Wednesday (Sept. 29) in Trenton at yet another hearing on the future of NJN, reports the Newark Star-Ledger. The paper quipped that the 11-plus hours of testimony “were as static and repetitive as the network’s nightly programming.” After the hearing, the 10-member task force seemed no closer to deciding how to wean the network from its state subsidy (Current, July 6). They’re facing a Dec. 31 deadline, but even that may now be in doubt. NJN interim executive Janice Selinger said a treasury official told the network that the administration would be willing to extend that. Sen. Nia Gill (D-Essex), the task force chairwoman, was not pleased. “The administration appeared to give some kind of commitment after January?” she asked Selinger. “As what board meeting and when?” The report of the bipartisan task force is due Oct. 15. It will recommend the process for converting the state-run NJN into a private entity. In his March budget address, Gov. Chris Christie said the state can no longer afford to support the network.

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