PBS viewers continue cleavage debate

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The Great Sesame Street Katy Perry Cleavage Kerfuffle continues, with Team Perry taking the lead. PBS Ombudsman Michael Getler said that after an initial spate of disapproving letters, “mail to me is running heavily in favor of Katy and her dress.” That would be the golden bustier-topped frock that sparked all this in the first place. (Check it out on YouTube, where her perky dance with Elmo is up to 4.3 million views.) One letter to Getler summed up the vibe: “Get a grip, prudes.”

And speaking of cleavage, did you see Perry’s now-notorious Elmo shirt sketch on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live? That video’s up to 2 million hits. Warning: Kinda racy.

2 thoughts on “PBS viewers continue cleavage debate

  1. It’s unfortunate that the Ombudsman appears out of touch with pop culture.

    From his 9/24 post:

    “For the uninformed — and that includes me because, until Tuesday, when I began to receive e-mail from people, I didn’t know who Perry was…”

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