Independent Filmmaker confab session definitely not “butt-clenchingly boring”

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POV Series Producer Yance Ford moderated last week’s (Sept. 19-23) Independent Filmmaker Conference panel with the intriguing title, “Cage Match: Filmmaking or Social Activism?” Journalist Tom Roston reports on the POV blog that in the session, Nick Fraser of BBC Storyville lamented the sorry state of the documentary medium, blaming funders for no appreciation for form, aesthetics, storytelling, or, as he put it, anything that is not “butt-clenchingly boring.” But wait, Fraser wasn’t done: “Doc makers are so desperate that if [Nazi Joseph] Goebbels was providing funding, there’d be a queue lined up around the block.” As Roston quipped, “Fraser led by example by showing that a panel about documentary film can indeed be entertaining and a hell of a lot of fun.”

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