WNET online game brings Revolutionary Boston to teens

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WNET/Thirteen will launch on Sept. 21 “Mission U.S.,” the first in a series of educational online games targeting “teens and tweens” nationwide, according to a press release. It’s part of CPB’s $20 million American History and Civics initiative, which was announced in 2005 and funded seven grantees in 2007 (Current, July 9, 2007). The first of 10 “missions” is “For Crown or Colony?,” which takes place just before the American Revolution in Boston. Players follow Nathaniel Wheeler, a 14-year-old printer’s apprentice. According to the release, “Nat’s fate rests in players’ hands: Should he complete his apprenticeship and support the Patriots’ cause, remain loyal to the crown, or leave Boston, taking a new job at sea?” The game may be played at home or in school, individually or collaboratively. CPB currently is seeking a consultant to evaluate the American History and Civics project thus far and to help select more grantees.

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