Meanwhile, in France . . .

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In international pubcasting news, French President Nicolas Sarkozy has selected a new head of France’s pubTV network — after changing a law to do so, according to He named Remy Pflimlin, 56, of the press distribution company Presstalis, to lead France Televisions. The move aggravated several lawmakers. “The naming of the president of public television by the chairman of the republic is the crowning of a process of putting France Televisions under political and financial control,” Socialist Senator David Assouline said. Previous leaders of France Televisions were selected by an independent regulator; last year, Sarkozy passed a reform allowing the president to choose pubmedia execs. Radio France, headed by a Sarkozy appointment, has drawn criticism in recent weeks for firing two comedians who had lampooned various French political figures — including the president.

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