Streamy Awards for 2009

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The Secret Life of Scientists, produced by Seftel Productions for WGBH’s Nova unit, won a Streamy

The online series on was judged the best reality or documentary series in the Streamy Awards announced in May.

What’s a Streamy? Streamy awards, which just had their second annual outing, recognize program series streamed on the Internet — a category that Streamy organizers believe is a big enough deal that it warrants this new competition apart from the Webbie awards.

The e.p. of The Secret Life of Scientists has had notable successes in an early cable “reality” hit as well as public TV and indie docs. Joshua Seftel directed the movie War Inc. and the cable hit Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and produced more than 50 segments for WGBH’s Greater Boston Arts, and the P.O.V. doc Taking on the Kennedys.

Secret Life producers: Tom Miller and Darby Maloney. Funder: Alfred E. Sloan Foundation.

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