Variety of SPJ awards for public broadcasters

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Several pubcasting shows and people scored Sigma Delta Chi awards for excellence in 2009 journalism. The honors, presented since 1932, are awarded by the Society for Professional Journalists. From Frontline World, the winner for documentaries (network, syndication, service or program service) is “Ghana: Digital Dumping Ground.” For feature reporting top 100 market or network syndication, the prize went to “California’s Three Strikes Law: 15 Years of Controversy,” by Ina Jaffe, Philip Bruce and Amy Walter of NPR. Mary Kay Magistad was named for “Created in China” from Public Radio International’s the World, for top 100 market or network syndication. And for public service in radio journalism, 101+ market or network syndication, it’s “A Community Victimized in the Shadows” by WSHU’s Charles Lane, Naomi Starobin and Katie Davis. Winners were selected from more than 1,300 entries in categories covering print, radio, television and online. Awards will be presented Oct. 2 during this year’s SPJ Convention and National Journalism Conference in Las Vegas.

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