Pubcaster’s book chronicles deaths of characters that never were

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Ever read Mr. Ed’s obituary? How about the Flying Nun’s? Barry Nelson, WGBH’s director of on-air fundraising, has a new book out with those and more, co-authored with Tom Schecker. Mr. Ed: Dead! provides obits for everyone from Betty Crocker to Holden Caulfield. Why? They each had a fictional life and deserve “an equally creative death,” as the book’s website says. “We think it’s the perfect book for the public radio generation(s),” Nelson told Current, “filled with popular culture references and the kind of satirical humor they’ve been enjoying for years, such as The Onion and National Lampoon.” Nelson said the book will be available as a thank-you gift for pledge campaigns. Nelson and Schecker’s last book was War on Xmas: The Official Field Manual in 2006.

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