Isay’s StoryCorps spreading motherly love, Web 2.0-style

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It’s been a big week for indie producer Dave Isay and his team at StoryCorps. In an May 5 appearance on Colbert Report promoting his new book, Isay defined the essence of motherhood as a combination of “fierce devotion, love and, you know, wisdom.” He also went along with Colbert’s joke demanding a follow-up on MILFs. The first StoryCorps animated short went viral on the Internet, previewing the series to air this summer on PBS’s P.O.V. and on public TV stations as interstitial spots. The sneak-peak video, also tied to the Mother’s Day theme, is “Q&A,” one of the most popular StoryCorps audio interviews. It brings visual life to a loving conversation between 12-year-old Joshua Littman, a boy with Asperger Syndrome, and his mother Sarah. And finally, the StoryCorps iPhone app went live in Apple’s App Store. It allows iPhone users to listen to the story of the week, share stories on social networks and prepare for and record StoryCorps interviews with their iPhones.

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