Upcoming FCC workshop to focus on noncom media

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Public and noncom media is the focus of the next FCC “Future of Media” workshop Friday in Washington, D.C. Subjects include: Potential for greater collaboration among public broadcasters, PEG channels, noncommercial web-based outlets, and other new media entities; infrastructure needs and assets of public and other noncommercial media; and possibilities for new kinds of noncommercial media networks and associated funding models. The speaker and panelist list is a who’s who of pubcasting, including CPB Board Chairman Ernest Wilson, CPB President Pat Harrison, NPR President Vivian Schiller, Frontline Executive Producer David Fanning, PBS President Paula Kerger, APM’s Digital Innovation Senior veep Joaquin Alvarado, PRX Executive Director Jake Shapiro, NPR’s Digital Media Senior veep Kinsey Wilson, and APM President Bill Kling. There’ll be a streaming video feed of the event from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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