TechCon attendees to examine NGIS

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One theme of TechCon 2010, PBS’s annual technical and management confab April 7-9, will be “doing more with less,” PBS’s Chief Technology Officer John McCoskey told TV Technology. Lots to cover in the meeting’s nearly 50 tutorials, sessions and panels, including: automation, multiplatform distribution, quality assurance, file-based workflow and the Next Generation Interconnection System (NGIS). One focus this year is the non-real-time file-based distribution aspects of NGIS. “It’s complex, as we need a ‘one size fits all’ solution. … unlike commercial, each PBS member station has complete autonomy over their infrastructure, workflow and subsystems, which makes it a challenging endeavor,” McCoskey said. Here’s background on NGIS from the Aug. 29, 2005 issue of Current.

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