System needs evolution, not revolution, writes digital strategist Rob Bole

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Public broadcasting thought leader Rob Bole declares himself an evolutionist — at least when it comes to the growth of the pubcasting system into the public media future. In a new post on his personal opinion blog, he writes: “The Rube Goldberg machine of public broadcasting is a strange creature and while it looks painful, for what we have asked of it, it has largely worked. Changing it too rapidly is a bad idea. Leaving it alone is even worse. … My framework for governing the public broadcasting transformation is grounded in the belief that changes should be evolutionary, not revolutionary.” Bole, CPB’s v.p. for Digital Media Strategies, goes on to illustrate his point by referencing his father’s old Buick, Scotty from Star Trek, the film “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” and a horde of barbarians that issue forth “a collective full-throated ARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!”

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