A positive ‘Wow’ from a critic of journalism-as-usual

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Pat Aufderheide, advocate for Public Media 2.0 at American University, says in a blog that she loved every minute of CPB’s Local Journalism Centers announcement at the Newseum in D.C. yesterday. For instance, she quotes PBS President Paula Kerger: “News has become a social experience . . . Journalism must rebuild itself from the bottom up, beginning with the citizen journalist.”

“Wow,” Aufderheide responds, continuing: “NPR’s Kinsey Wilson, digital media guru at NPR, said, ‘This is about reinventing the news business,’ and ‘This is about connecting the audience with each other.'”

Though Aufderheide is eager to see these developments, she’s not under any illusion that they’re easy to pull off. She writes that citizen journalist efforts will be “full of people who don’t have any real practice in responsive, respectful, informed engagement on gnarly topics. Public broadcasting is in new territory here. But it’s great territory to be in.”

For more about Public Media 2.0, see the February 2009 report by Aufderheide and Jessica Clark of AU’s Center for Social Media.

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