Pubradio growth strategies for the new decade

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A report released today by Maryland-based Station Resource Group proposes new audience service goals for public radio in the next decade and recommends seven broad approaches for achieving them. Top recommendations of “Public Radio in the New Network Age” call for the field to “commit to a greater inclusiveness of people of color in every dimension” and to expand its journalistic output to become the “most trusted and most widely-used source of daily journalism.” In the biggest change from the draft that SRG issued last year, the report recommends that public radio “create a renewed vision” for music programming that incorporates both broadcast and digital platforms. “Music is a critical part of public radio’s audience service equation…and warrants a higher profile in public radio’s vision and goals,” the report says. There’s 95 pages of details about tactics, points for further discussion and analysis here. SRG worked with a task force of public radio leaders to manage an extensive consultation project and produce the report, which was funded in 2008 through CPB’s Grow the Audience initiative.

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