Overall, “good years” for PBS, critic comments from press tour

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Barry Garron, reporting on the TV Critics Association winter press tour in Pasadena for the Hollywood Reporter, tells Current the PBS executive session was generally heartening. “Except for the struggle for donations during these recessionary times, these are good years for PBS,” Garron notes. “No one is accusing them of controversial programs, following a hidden agenda or pushing their liberal ideas on children. Even better, with the Democrats in control, there are no credible threats to funding. [PBS President Paula] Kerger even said they’re getting an 8 percent increase in federal aid.” Regarding Kerger’s critical comments on commercial children’s programming, “In some respects, her attack . . . was somewhat gratuitous. It didn’t directly tie in with anything in particular other than to show that, when it comes down to it, PBS is the only programmer that parents can count on.”

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