Idaho PTV makes its case against phaseout of aid

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On Wednesday, Idaho Public Television chief Peter Morrill makes his case for continued state aid in a state legislative finance committee hearing at 10:30 a.m. Mountain time. Like many other legislative meetings, it will be streamed live on IPT’s Idaho Legislature Live. Friends of Idaho Public Television, a nonprofit support group for the state-owned network, has created a webpage, “Save Idaho Public Television,” to get viewers involved in its fight against a four-year total phaseout of state funding. The station’s $7 million budget counts on nearly $2 million from the state. If Gov. C.L. Otter’s proposed budget passes, that would disappear in equal portions over the next four years.Of the station’s $7 million budget, around $2 million is state aid. Peter Morrill, g.m., is facing remedies such as laying off 19 staffers, closining three studios, and discontinuing maintenance to 39 of 40 rural translators and translator relays.

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