Bohdan and Paul talked sneakers

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How the Beatles Rocked the Kremlin is bringing back some McCartney memories for KCET programming guru Bohdan Zachary. Turns out he actually chatted with Paul McCartney — yes, gabbed, in person, for several minutes, with THE Paul McCartney — backstage at a 1976 Wings Over the World Tour concert stop at Madison Square Garden. A buddy of his was a longtime friend of Paul’s wife Linda. As Linda and his friend caught up, Zachary and the former Beatle visited. “First, he complimented me on my ‘cool shoes’ (old sneakers I’d hand painted) and engaged me in conversation all about me,” Zachary recalls. “He particularly enjoyed hearing about my home life in Detroit, loved that I spoke only Ukrainian until I was 6 years old, and that I secretly listened to ‘Abbey Road’ on headphones every night before I went to bed.”

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