You say Pox, they say Fox

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Sesame Workshop has responded to the recent “tempest in a trash can” over the Sesame Street “Pox News” parody sketch, in today’s PBS Ombudsman Michael Getler’s column. In the bit, when Oscar talks about the Grouchy News Network, another character responds it wasn’t grouchy enough and threatens to switch to Pox News–“now there’s a trashy news show.” Some viewers (and bloggers) were upset over what they perceived to be a slap at Fox News. But an explanation from Miranda Barry, Sesame Workshop creative e.v.p., said the bit was an “equal-opportunity parody–Oscar always tries to offend everybody!” She said the Grouch News Network (GNN) was actually a reference to CNN. One viewer responds: “The debate over the Sesame Street Pox News skit is ridiculous. A sense of humor goes a long way for both adults and children–and these bloggers seem to have lost theirs.”

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