Viewers get grouchy over “Pox News”

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Now here’s an unexpected question: Did Sesame Street take a poke at Fox News? That’s what PBS Ombudsman Michael Getler is looking at in this week’s Mailbag. In the Oct. 29 episode, Oscar the Grouch hosted the Grouch News Network, covering “all grouchy, all disgustin’, all yucky” news. But another character thinks it’s not grouchy enough and threatens to switch to “Pox News, now there’s a trashy news show.” Viewers wrote Getler to complain that the character actually said “Fox” News. “I can’t really blame them,” Getler writes. “When I went and watched the tape for the first time, I thought I heard ‘Fox’ as well, perhaps because of the association one assumes when you hear ‘news’ right after the word.” But closed captioning revealed it was indeed Pox News.

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