Can’t you poke fun at Democrats too?

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In an online chat with readers, Vivian Schiller gives herself a B+ for her first 10 months as NPR president. “I’ve gotten a lot done, but not as much as I hope to over time!” she writes. Beyond the usual complaints about pledge drives and government subsidies for public broadcasting, chat participants complained about liberal bias on the weekly NPR news quiz Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! “Peter Sagal is the most biased personality you have on staff. He routinely takes cheap shots at the GOP, but refuses to go after Democratic figures,” writes one participant. “Why do you keep Dan Schorr around?” asks another. “His analysis is reliably faulty, liberally-biased, and mean-spirited (yeah, I guess I’d feel the same way after what Nixon did to me). But still — he really knocks down any credibility you have of being ‘unbiased’, especially since he is a part of the news wing, not entertainment.” Chat moderator and Post media writer Paul Farhi deflected criticisms of WWDTM, but Schiller responded to the complaint about NPR’s senior news analyst: “Dan Schorr is a liberal commentator. I will not deny that is true. So what do we do about that? We balance his views with those of conservative guest commentators who frequently appear on our airwaves.”

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