Top managers announce retirements in Pittsburgh, Kentucky, Tampa and Salt Lake

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George Miles, president of Pittsburgh’s WQED-FM/TV, said Sept. 30 he’ll retire a year from now, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported. He’ll have run the station for 16 years. The station’s board promoted Deborah Acklin to chief operating officer, putting her in line to succeed Miles. Mac Wall, who has headed both the Oklahoma and Kentucky pubTV networks, said Friday he’ll retire Dec. 31. Dick Lobo, president of Tampa’s WEDU for seven years, told his board last week that he plans to retire when a successor has been found, the Tampa Tribune said. Larry S. Smith, g.m. of Salt Lake City’s KUED, announced last week he’ll retire in April after 12 years on the job. Also recently retired is a public TV programmer who has outlasted quite a few general managers: Grace Hill of Cincinnati’s WCET, who retired Sept. 30 after 47 years with the station. More personnel news in Current’s People column next week.

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