Squash the (PBS) bug, NYT blogger says

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Oops. More complaints (see item below) about use of the PBS logo during Ken Burns’ National Parks series, this time to the New York Times tech writer/blogger David Pogue. A reader writes that she’d been watching the series, and said it was visually stunning. “But even PBS and my local public TV station (WTTW in Chicago) constantly slapped numerous looping/changing logos in both the lower left and lower right corners of the screen—a horrible distraction from the beautiful scenery of the film. I was so looking forward to enjoying this film, and even my beloved PBS now annoys me!” Pogue writes that he “couldn’t agree more. What, exactly, is the purpose of those network logos (‘bugs,’ as they’re called)? Is it to prevent piracy? Is it to engender network loyalty? Is it ‘branding’ run amok?” Eleven of the 11 comments left by blog readers were in agreement.

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