New WiFi radio tailored for pubradio listeners

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NPR unveiled the first-ever Internet radio to offer an exclusive menu of NPR stations and programs. The “NPR Radio,” modeled on an earlier WiFi radio by Livio that optimizes Pandora’s music streaming service, allows NPR fans to switch between over-the-air broadcasts of local stations, online streams of more than 1,000 NPR outlets across the country, and on-demand content from More than 16,000 Internet radio stations not affiliated with NPR also are accessible on the device, offered for $199 from the NPR Shop and Livio Radio. Gadget reviews by Wired and CNET poke fun at the radio’s accessibility features for the technology averse. “[I]t should pass the ‘granny test’ in ease of use, and it looks like a friendly radio and not a scary, virus-catching computer,” Wired‘s reviewer writes.

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