Digital Think In to explore NPR’s future

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NPR has invited 60 “thought leaders” in digital media and technology to share their ideas for its future as a news organization. The first-ever NPR Digital Think In convenes at frog design in San Francisco this Friday, Oct. 9. The schedule includes a series of break-outs exploring various aspects of news gathering, the roles of networks and stations, and the elusive matter of revenue models. The invitation-only event has drawn an impressive roster of participants, including Krishna Bharat, creator of Google News; Chris Beard, chief innovation officer at Mozilla; and Craig Newmark, creator of Craigslist, among many others. “This is something I cooked up to try to engage people who are actively thinking about issues of technology and news and what NPR is doing,” said Kinsey Wilson, NPR senior v.p. of digital media. “A lot of them are fans of NPR and public radio generally. I want to get them interested in our future.” Portions of the event, including reports from the workshops and the opening and closing sessions, will be streamed live. NPR journalists will embed with the break-out groups and report via live tweets (hashtag: #NPRthink).

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