Ernest Wilson, new CPB chair and comm-school dean, sees push to define and advance public media

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With the change of parties in the White House comes an echo at CPB. Its board unanimously elected a Democrat, Ernest Wilson, as chair today in Washington. Louisiana PTV chief Beth Courtney was named vice chair. Afterward Wilson told Current that the time is right for a reexamination and expansion of pubcasting comparable to the Carnegie Commission’s report more than 40 years ago. The outcome “shouldn’t be determined on 9th Street,” at CPB headquarters, but rather through discussion around the country, he said. The international communications scholar, now dean of the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California, was first named to the board nine years ago by President Clinton and reappointed by President Bush. [CPB release.] Full interview to come in Current, Sept. 21, and on this site.

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