What’s on magazine covers? Faces!

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“Faces are how I sold 60 Minutes,” recalls the late Don Hewitt in an interview being reaired by KCTS in Seattle this week. “I wanted 60 Minutes to be a magazine, and I said, ‘How do they sell magazines?’ The covers sell magazines. I haven’t got covers–I’m gonna use faces. Mike Wallace, Diane Sawyer, Leslie Stahl, Harry Reasoner, Ed Bradley.” Scroll horizontally to see a clip from KCTS’s interview at right (or click here). Hewitt also put in a word for good writing. The retired 60 Minutes e.p., 86, died of cancer today on Long Island. KCTS interviewed Hewitt last year when he won Washington State University’s Murrow award for lifetime achievement. The station scheduled repeats of the show from its Conversations at KCTS 9 series for Friday night, Sunday morning and next Tuesday night.

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