Lightbulbs going off all over Aspen as pubcasters mingle at Ideas Festival

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Public broadcasters are in the impressive mix of forward-thinkers this week at the Aspen Institute’s fifth annual Ideas Festival. Here it is, only Day 1, and Frontline e.p. David Fanning had this great quote: “Public broadcasting has always been at war with itself. I don’t need to tell you about Yanni at the Acropolis.” Fanning also detailed ideas for turning the public broadcasting system into a journalistic powerhouse. James Fallow of The Atlantic is keeping tabs on the activities, providing “slightly-longer-than-Twitter-scale real time summaries of what is going on.” Other system insiders brainstorming at the sessions include Kurt Anderson of PRI’s Studio 360, Paula S. Apsell of NOVA, Brooke Gladstone of NPR’s On the Media, Matt Miller of NPR’s Left, Right & Center, Kai Ryssdal of APM’s Marketplace and NPR’s Linda Wertheimer.

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