HD Radio tuner added to new Zune player

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A Zune media player unveiled this morning by Microsoft includes HD Radio tune-in capability among other new features. Zune HD combines a multi-touch screen and Web browser with a built-in HD Radio receiver. In addition, consumers who buy a separately sold audiovisual dock will be able to play high-def videos on HD TV sets. “Microsoft is blazing a trail for a whole new generation of small, hand-held HD Radio enabled products,” said Bob Struble, president of iBiquity Digital Corporation. But gadget reviewers are yawning. “I’m a proud Zune owner myself…, and while I think Zunes are great, I’m not thrilled with what I’ve learned so far,” writes Dan Nosowitz of Gizmodo. “It’ll be a polished and great-sounding player, I’m sure, but I really want to see something that pushes boundaries, and to me, that doesn’t mean HD radio.” Zune HD players will be released this fall for sale at an as-yet unannounced price.

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