Pubcasting Peeple rejoice: WETA staffer wins diorama contest

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Melissa Harvey, a graphic designer for WETA, has triumphed in The Washington Post’s annual Peeps diorama contest. Her entry, “NightPeeps,” placed marshmallow Peeps bunnies into the famous painting by Edward Hopper (extra credit for that wordplay!). “I wanted to re-create the bleak urban landscape and the fluorescent light, and add a little pink and yellow,” Harvey said. The work took 45 hours over two weekends. Judges were enthusiastic: “A work of staggering genius . . . a technical triumph . . . cinematic . . . artistic and moody . . . [with] seriously sick and twisted detail . . . it elevates the Peeps diorama to an art form.” Don’t miss the photo gallery of winners and finalists.

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