Dyson to host new talker from African American Public Radio Consortium

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Oprah Winfrey is confirmed as the first guest on the Michael Eric Dyson Show launching April 6 on public radio stations in 18 markets. Dr. Dyson, an author, academic and social commentator who previously hosted a talk show syndicated by Radio One, said his public radio series will deal with “several topics about which I care deeply–politics, religion, economic policy, arts and culture.” The African American Public Radio Consortium, which partnered with NPR to create The Tavis Smiley Show, News and Notes and Tell Me More, teamed up with WEAA in Baltimore to produce the one-hour series, airing weekdays. How did Dyson get Oprah to appear on his new talker? “A lot of begging, brother!” Dyson tells the Atlanta Journal Constitution‘s Rodney Ho.

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