Skepticism within NPR about lay-off decisions; Facebook group fundraising to save ‘Day to Day’

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NPR Ombudsman Alicia Shepard answers questions about the budget cuts announced by NPR last week and reports on reactions among NPR staff: “Many, but not necessarily all, NPR employees seem to accept the rationale that big cutbacks were needed to ensure the company’s long-term financial health. Assertions by senior executives that the layoffs were not targeted at getting rid of specific individuals have not been as widely accepted, however,” she writes. Meanwhile, Save Day to Day, a Facebook Group established last week that now has 667 members, asks fans of the soon-to-be canceled show to send $50 to NPR. “[H]opefully we can save this, one of the best shows in the NPR line-up,” the group’s founder, a listener from Cincinnati, writes.

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