Show cancellations allow NPR to avoid making “a thousand cuts in everything”

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A roundup of reports on the downsizing at NPR: The decision to cancel Day to Day and News & Notes, two mid-day shows that originate from studios in Culver City, Calif., “seemed to have the least impact on our audience” and allowed NPR to avoid making “a thousand cuts in everything,” Interim President Dennis Haarsager says in the New York Times. The LA Times describes the role of Day to Day in covering stories from the West coast and quotes Haarsager describing “a la carte ways” that the network can distribute its stories. “Not everything has to have a brand, a title. It wouldn’t have to be a branded show with a cute title and music,” he says. The Washington Post and LA Observed, a blog that first published rumors of imminent cuts at NPR, list the NPR talents being let go. So does NPR’s own media reporter David Folkenflik, who captures some of the anger expressed yesterday during a staff meeting at NPR HQ in D.C.

UPDATE: No original reporting but extended comment threads on Gawker and HuffPo.

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