Less than half of laid-off staff work on canceled shows

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Neither Day to Day nor News & Notes were attracting large enough audiences or underwriting revenues to stay on the air given the revenue losses that NPR has taken since July, according to a memo sent to NPR staff this afternoon. “[W]e concluded that it was necessary to eliminate some activities completely to achieve the long term savings we require while protecting our core mission,” wrote Dennis Haarsager, interim president, in the memo. Of the $23 million projected budget deficit announced today, $14 million is attributable to expected shortfalls in corporate underwriting, said Dana Davis Rehm, senior v.p. The 64 employees being laid off include 29 who work on the two canceled shows, Rehm said. An additional six reporters not affiliated with these programs are being let go. The Morning Edition team that works with L.A.-based cohost Renee Montagne are among 30 NPR Westers who will continue to work out of the production facility in Culver City, Calif. “It would be a strategic mistake not to stick with NPR West,” Rehm said.

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