Commentator petitions to save ‘News & Notes’

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An online petition to save News & Notes challenges NPR’s official explanation for the show’s cancellation: “several staff members report a different reason given to them . . . which had nothing to do with audience levels or funding,” writes journalist/blogger Jasmyne Cannick, a News & Notes commentator and L.A.-based political consultant. She asks News & Notes fans to write NPR execs to express support for “one of the best national radio newscasts dedicated to African-American news and views.” Baratunde Thurston, a blogger and News & Notes commentator, also questions NPR’s decision to cancel the show: “In the grand, new age of Obama, this is happening? This past year, we at Jack and Jill Politics and the broader Afrosphere had to work triple time to try to inject some sanity into the media conversation about race . . . . With Obama headed for the White House, the supply of ignorant racial media discourse will only grow.” Because Michel Martin’s Tell Me More has a broader, multicultural focus, it “can’t be accurately called a black program,” he writes.

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