Inquirer questions compensation for WHYY chief

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WHYY in Philadelphia distinguishes itself among public broadcasting outlets for excessive compensation of its chief executive, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported yesterday. Citing the latest tax filing for Philly’s major pubcasting outlet, the Inquirer reported that President and CEO William Marrazzo’s total compensation of $740,090 in 2007 included $415,993 in salary, $317,240 in benefits and $6,857 in expenses. “Marrazzo’s total outstripped that of chief executives at WNET and WGBH, with five and six times WHYY’s revenues,” the Inquirer reported. “It also exceeded the compensation of the heads of the Public Broadcasting System and National Public Radio, networks that serve stations countrywide.” Board Chairman Jerry Sweeney told the Inquirer that Marrazzo’s compensation is tied to performance and necessary to retain him as top executive. “The board takes the long view, which is we want a platinum station,” Sweeney said. “Marrazzo is the guy who executes all that.”

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