Haarsager’s “joyless decision” on Bryant Park

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Interim CEO Dennis Haarsager explains NPR’s decision to cancel Bryant Park Project to fans who are lobbying to save the show: “For non-commercial media such as NPR, sustaining a new program of this financial magnitude requires attracting users from each of the platforms we can access. Ultimately, we recognized that wasn’t happening with BPP.” In an earlier posting on his Technology360 blog, Haarsager reveals his personal conflict over a decision he describes as “joyless.” “I’m not sure how someone who has done articles, speeches and consulting about the importance of disruptive investments . . . , supported the BPP initiative when I was an NPR board member, and is now trying to shape NPR into more of a digital company, finds oneself on this side of a decision to end this great project.” Meanwhile, Jeff Horwich, host and principal blogger for Minnesota Public Radio’s In the Loop, refutes the idea that BPP‘s demise signals the end of NPR’s efforts to attract younger audiences. [Scroll down for Horwich’s July 15 posting on the tactical failures of BPP and Fair Game, another series that, like In the Loop, aimed to serve web savvy listeners under age 35.]

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