Moyers and O’Reilly producer exchange words at media reform conference

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At the National Conference for Media Reform last weekend in Minneapolis, O’Reilly Factor producer Porter Barry confronted keynote speaker Bill Moyers in the hallway about coming on Bill O’Reilly’s show (see video of the encounter). Moyers had a few things to say about Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch: “I will come on the O’Reilly show first when Rupert Murdoch has explained why we’re not getting $20-a-barrel oil…the Iraq war he said would deliver.” Moyers asks Barry, “Why doesn’t Bill do his own reporting?…Bill is not a journalist, he’s a pugilist…I like to honor the people who do the real work in journalism, and that’s producers and reporters. It isn’t anchors, it isn’t blowhards.” Moyers repeatedly invites Barry–and O’Reilly–to come on his show, Barry repeatedly says he’s there to get Moyers on O’Reilly Factor. The footage, and discussion of Moyers’ body language, appeared on the Factor (video). Countdown with Keith Olbermann also used the footage in a segment (video). Watch video of Moyers’ keynote address here.

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