Volunteers sought to review PTFP apps

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NTIA is seeking station chief execs and other senior management as volunteer reviewers for grant applications in March and April. The agency said it needs 20 or more, working in teams of three, to review stations’ funding requests to the Public Telecommunications Facilities Program between March 24 and April 11. “PTFP has an engineering staff, so it also cannot use station engineers as reviewers,” said a memo circulated by program officer Walter Sheppard. Contact Sheppard at 202-482-1949 or wsheppard -at- ntia.doc.gov. Volunteers won’t be reviewing apps from their own or related stations, of course. PTFP grant applications are due Feb. 22. The appropriation for fiscal year 2008 is down from $22 million last year to $16.8 million. Guidelines are summarized in the Federal Register.

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