Steiner fracas continues in Baltimore

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Three weeks after Baltimore’s WYPR-FM dumped Marc Steiner, fans of the longtime talk-show host are still registering their dissatisfaction. Online hubs of activity include the glitzy Bring Steiner Back and the somewhat humbler Save the Steiner Show. Supporters of Steiner can also sign a petition, buy T-shirts and join a Facebook group. More than 300 Steiner fans attended a meeting of WYPR’s Community Advisory Board Feb. 20 to voice their unhappiness, reports the Baltimore Sun. “Without Marc Steiner, I don’t listen to WYPR,” said one. “I’m not going to renew my membership unless Marc Steiner is back on the air.” Reflecting on the meeting on his blog, Steiner wrote, “This is about community, about building community and a radio show that drew diverse communities together.” Here’s audio from the meeting (MP3).

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