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No matter whether you’re a DTV optimist or someone with real concerns about next year’s analog shut-off, there was a survey released yesterday that validates your feelings. Bright-siders could take comfort in the NAB‘s finding that 79 percent of consumers are aware of the transition, a figure that has doubled in the past year. The NAB found that 83 percent of over-the-air households are hip to the coming shut-off. However, Consumer Reports released its own survey suggesting that a smaller figure, 64 percent, were aware of the transition and that 74 percent of those folks had “major misconceptions” about the shut-off. “The good news is that surveys from Consumers Union and the broadcast industry show that more Americans are becoming aware of the DTV transition,” said FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein. “The bad news is there is still a lot of confusion that could turn into widespread panic if the government doesn’t take a more proactive role.” Broadcasting & Cable has a good recap here.

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